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Chris Williams

Senior Quantity Surveyor /

+45 54552490


I developed a keen interest in Construction from a very young age as my Father was a plumber. At 18, I managed to secure a job as a labourer through my Dad's network which really was an invaluable experience and further reinforced my ambition of becoming a Chartered Surveyor. Following this, I progressed onto University to undertake my studies to pursue my goals. Unfortunately, when I graduated in 2009 the market wasn’t exactly flush with opportunities. As a result, I found myself working in non-construction related roles for several years before entering back into the sector in 2014. Retrospectively this experience was hugely beneficial as I was able to develop several key skills that I have successfully transferred into my role as a Quantity Surveyor. Throughout my Surveying career, I have only worked for consultancies advising clients on costs and commercial aspects for a wide variety of projects ranging in values between 1,000,000 DKK to 1.5B DKK


Cong Vu

Co-Founder / Chief Commercial Manager / Cost Manager

+45 41761364


I believe that there are changes that are happening within the construction industry in terms of commercial management of projects. The development of technology is an inevitable result of a long process of globalization and modernization in the industry, which had clarified and identified clear demands and responsibilities in economy management in the project. Together with KOSMOS co-founders and colleagues, we share a belief that simplification, standardization, transparency, and collaboration are keys to improving how we deliver our projects commercially. Cost manager/Quantity surveyor would manage economy in a clear process, professional manner, and operating in all phases as a ‘stand-alone’ discipline, and at the same time have close collaboration and frequent dialog across other disciplines in project.

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Elia Gonzalez Salas

Co-Founder / Commercial Manager / Quantity Surveyor /

+45 41760341


I envision a change in mindset that moves us to develop better practices even when there is not a latent problem. Having abundance won’t prevent us finding a better way to utilise the resources available. In the construction industry we generally work with alot of funding for our projects. This won’t let us lose sight when it comes to better optimisation of the investment, be it time, money or efforts. We would rather not waste it over time due to poor planning or lack of control, even if the budget can afford it. There is no need to find a problem when looking for better solutions. There is no need to waste resources if it can be transformed into a better return.

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Erik Dahl

Trainee Quantity Surveyor /

+45 53864176


For as long as I can remember I have been involved in some kind of construction project, from early age I came along my father when he was building our farm. At 14 years of age I began working for the local carpenter and from then I have been in the construction industry on all sides of the table. The last years I have been focused on client advisory, as a commercial manager which has brought invaluable experience within the industry. We all know that the construction industry is very steady and not easy to change existing processes. But I believe that the focus on digital solutions and the emerging circular economics will change the industry to more transparency and clarity.

heather griffin

Heather Griffin

Lead Creative / Designer /

As an information designer, I believe the key to introducing best practice, in any industry, is through communication. My role in Kosmos is not only to develop and convey a strong and fully integrated brand but to also facilitate the communication of the strategic production processes developed and practised by Kosmos and their vision which will be fully accessible industry-wide. Heather has an MA in Design of Experiences from the Sandberg Instituut and a BA in Visual Communications from DIT.

Roger Barkley

Roger Barkley

Senior Commercial Manager /

+45 41768416


I have been involved in construction for over 30 years as a 'cost guy' for; sub-contractors, contractors, private investors, cost consultants and engineers. As an expat I've enjoyed seeing how the issues of budget estimates, business cases and cost control are handled in different countries and cultures. I've also enjoyed the opportunities to specialise in highly specific sub-fields (master planning, business cases, MEP and claims). The marketplace is always changing / evolving and there are always gaps in the market.


Ross Griffin

Founder / Chief Commercial Specialist / Quantity Surveyor /

+353 86 459 2817


I have a vision where we alter current processes, procedures and change how we deliver construction projects in Ireland. I believe that construction is a simple process, but complicated by the lack of clear planning and focus. Imagine if we mirrored the automotive industry where we treat construction as a multitude of different production processes. They must be clearly understood and strategically planned. Each piece comes before the next and this is clearly understood, pre-planned and optimised. The cost of designing and constructing would reduce dramatically if we brought a more scientific approach to these deliveries. This isn’t a difficult task and has already started to happen with BIM, we are already building virtually, what if we took it to the next level where we plan for AI and the inevitable future that lays ahead.?

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