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Ana Caso

Quantity Surveyor

+45 91 88 91 51


After getting my degree in Spain as architectural technician, and later as civil engineer, I moved to Manchester (UK) back in 2012. There I started my connection with the quantity surveyor roll, working for a medium size contractor. Specialized mainly in refurbishment projects, I have worked with offices, schools, NHS health centres and hospitals. In 2018 I moved here in Denmark, working for Currie and Brown as project manager for an international client. After few months working for a UK based consultancy firm and later for Kosmos, I joined MOE Cost management department. There I have been working for almost 3 years in a variety of tasks, mainly at design stage but also at construction phase. Now I re-join Kosmos to hopefully help the team getting simplification, standardization, transparency and collaboration as the much needed foundations for the construction industry.

Archie O'Donnell

Senior Sustainability Specialist

+353 83 8133436


Benjamin Boeskov Gabrielsen

Cost Manager/Quantity Surveyor

+45 24 34 28 66


Benjamin has his background in the architecture industry, specializing in the early design phases of quality architecture projects. As a Construction Architect, Benjamin has hands on design phase experience - ranging from the outline proposal through to the client handover. His main tasks have been to navigate within the Danish building regulations and ISO standards, to ensure compliance between architectural design and any predefined regulations. He has experience working across multiple platforms used within the Danish construction sector, with most of the best practise software available. As an ICT-coordinator, Benjamin has experience making sure that the design teams have a shared platform to work from and how to take advantage of shared parameters within BIM-models.

Clara Fangel

Assistant Quantity Surveyor


Clara moved from Stockholm to start my university studies in Copenhagen, and she is currently still enrolled in a bachelor’s degree studying Architecture Technology and Construction Management. It is from here that she found her interest in BIM and planning. She has hands-on educational experience on stages from outline proposal to handover, touching upon both design, construction, process and planning. She enjoys the logical thinking as well as a good team work.


Cong Vu

Co-Founder / Chief Commercial Manager / Cost Manager

+45 41761364


I believe that there are changes that are happening within the construction industry in terms of commercial management of projects. The development of technology is an inevitable result of a long process of globalization and modernization in the industry, which had clarified and identified clear demands and responsibilities in economy management in the project. Together with KOSMOS co-founders and colleagues, we share a belief that simplification, standardization, transparency, and collaboration are keys to improving how we deliver our projects commercially. Cost manager/Quantity surveyor would manage economy in a clear process, professional manner, and operating in all phases as a ‘stand-alone’ discipline, and at the same time have close collaboration and frequent dialog across other disciplines in project.

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Craig Bukley

Senior Commercial Manager

+358 40 628 2776


I am a chartered digital quantity surveyor and architectural engineer with two decades of experience within the construction industry. Working in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, throughout the Nordics and United States. The last quarter of that has been in the semi conductor and processing space. Unfortunately I work in an industry that is the largest contributor to CO2 emissions and massive inefficiencies at every level. Fortunately I wish to be part of the solution to change the industry. Not only in a project delivery sense but also in project planning and outcome to better the world we live in. An advocate of BIM implementation throughout the project life cycle 2D to 8D. BIM should be seen as a value add not a cost overhead.


Elia Gonzalez Salas

Co-Founder / Commercial Manager / Quantity Surveyor - BIM 5D specialist

+45 41760341


I envision a change in mindset that moves us to develop better practices even when there is not a latent problem. Having abundance won’t prevent us finding a better way to utilise the resources available. In the construction industry we generally work with alot of funding for our projects. This won’t let us lose sight when it comes to better optimisation of the investment, be it time, money or efforts. We would rather not waste it over time due to poor planning or lack of control, even if the budget can afford it. There is no need to find a problem when looking for better solutions. There is no need to waste resources if it can be transformed into a better return.

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Elliot Sommer

Quantity Surveyor

+45 31 63 49 42


I graduated from the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology with a BSc (Hons) in Architectural Technology and Construction Management in 2014. Later that year I moved to London to work as BIM Coordinator at Foster + Partners where I got to work on some truly amazing large-scale projects such as Battersea Power Station in London and Ferring’s new headquarter, Soundport, in Kastrup, Copenhagen. During my time as a BIM Coordinator I enjoyed the great design challenges and collaborative work that comes from working within BIM, but I decided that I wanted to add more substance to my career and I wanted to be more directly involved with the clients. I set out to pursue a career as a Cost Manager and prior to working at Kosmos, I worked as an Assistant Cost Manager with Gardiner & Theobald and Rider Levett Bucknall where I worked on a wide array of projects ranging from Hospitals, Hotels, Pharmaceuticals, Shared Workspaces, Offices, Multi Complexes, Metro Stations, Schools, Spas to Theatres where I worked across all RIBA stages from early planning, concept, technical design, construction to handover. I find it immensely rewarding being trusted and developing a personal relationship with the client where I guide, advice and ensure they have their expectations met, feel secure and informed throughout the duration of the project.

Freja Hansen

Quantity Surveyor

+45 53516353


Freja has extensive experience in commercial management/cost management both as a consultant and contractor from the UK and Denmark. She has spent years working in the commercial management department in the UK and has recently relocated to Denmark. Working in the UK on projects from £1m to £35m, using traditional procurement, design and build and PPP. She has worked on post contract as a Quantity Surveyor setting up subcontract contracts, , claims management and valuations. She also has experience within the expert witness industry handling quantitative assessments and analysis on adjudication claims. This experience has strengthened her understanding and knowledge of contract management and the value in robust contract structures. All the above have added to Freja’s commercial strength and make her a valuable addition to any team

Patrick Dowling

Quantity Surveyor

+45 31 16 00 29


Patrick graduated from the Cork Institute of Technology with a 2:1 in Quantity Surveying in 2017. Since then, Patrick has grown his experience in two significant industries working as a Cost Manager in both Mission Critical and Pharma-based projects based in Europe, working alongside high-profile clients. Patrick has vast experience working with multiple contractors/project leads and liaising with multi-office-based personnel in a highly client-focused position, communicating with numerous clients daily through various mediums. Patrick has strong problem-solving skills from analysing cost and contractual issues that arise daily and developing practical solutions that protect the Client's interest and maintain the project’s schedule. Patrick has progressed his knowledge with pre-contract experience, having gained the opportunity to work alongside high-profile clients based here in Denmark working for KOSMOS. Keen to develop a solid work base relationship and knowledge in the Danish Construction industry, working alongside like-minded individuals on new and exciting projects.

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Phil Lucas

Senior MEP Specialist

+44 7554 877110


I am a MEP Building Services engineer with over twenty-five years’ experience in the industry. I have been responsible for construction management, leading business units including profit and loss responsibility. The preparation, design, and installation of integrated MEP building systems. During my career I have worked for a range of Clients, Developers, Main Contractors, and MEP Sub Contractors. I have gained extensive knowledge and experience of MEP systems and have worked to the highest standards in many sectors. I have a long track record of ensuring projects are delivered to the highest quality, on programme and within budget by effectively organising, managing, and utilising my vast array of skills and knowledge to achieve success.

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Rebecca Griffin

Administration and Company Support

Roger Barkley

Senior Commercial Manager / MEP Quantity Surveyor / LCA Specialist

+45 31217327


I have been involved in construction for over 30 years as a 'cost guy' for; sub-contractors, contractors, private investors, cost consultants and engineers. As an expat I've enjoyed seeing how the issues of budget estimates, business cases and cost control are handled in different countries and cultures. I've also enjoyed the opportunities to specialise in highly specific sub-fields (master planning, business cases, MEP and claims). The marketplace is always changing / evolving and there are always gaps in the market.

Ross Griffin

Founder / Chief Commercial Specialist / Quantity Surveyor /

+353 86 459 2817


I have a vision where we alter current processes, procedures and change how we deliver construction projects in Ireland. I believe that construction is a simple process, but complicated by the lack of clear planning and focus. Imagine if we mirrored the automotive industry where we treat construction as a multitude of different production processes. They must be clearly understood and strategically planned. Each piece comes before the next and this is clearly understood, pre-planned and optimised. The cost of designing and constructing would reduce dramatically if we brought a more scientific approach to these deliveries. This isn’t a difficult task and has already started to happen with BIM, we are already building virtually, what if we took it to the next level where we plan for AI and the inevitable future that lays ahead.?

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Simon Top Laustsen

Sustainability/LCA Specialist

+45 28 34 15 53


I am passionate about pushing the building industry towards a more sustainable direction and become a less CO2-emitting industry. I have had an academic and professional focus on sustainability since I started my career and studies within building engineering. When looking at buildings and sustainability, a holistic and data driven approach is key. With the construction industry’s massive CO2 emissions, I am convinced that sustainable development and thinking must be done in the early stage of the design phase of a building. Identifying CO2 emissions early simplifies the implementation of new designs, change of materials, and facilitates the acquisition of knowledge about the environmental impact of different solutions and their consequences on cost

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Sean O'Connor

Associate Director/Commercial Manager

+353 87 7053571


An experienced Cost and Contract Specialist with a demonstrable history of working on large scale projects in the construction industry. Sean is a very strong commercial manager with a solid understanding of contract law and the build process. This experience is embedded in the cost management advise he provides to his clients allowing projects to be de-risked at an early stage. He is proficient in cost planning, contract administration and project delivery. Working on projects from €1m to over €1bn which were delivered through various procurement routes. He has delivered projects post contract as a quantity surveyor/contract administrator setting up main contracts, change management process, quality assurance processes, valuations and managing claims. Sean has a Masters in construction law and dispute resolution from King’s College London which coupled with his primary degree in construction economics and management enables him to bring a wealth of practical knowledge to each project in the event of a dispute from a quantum and/or delay analysis perspective. Sean is an enthusiastic team player who brings the benefit of his extensive experience to each project. He focuses strongly on accuracy and aims to deliver the highest quality service on each project. He believes in delivering digital quantity surveying services that allow teams to spend time and energy adding value through tried and tested methods of delivery. He has worked as both a consultant and a developer over the past 20 years, so he has a unique set of skills that allow him to de-risk projects by providing considered informed advice.

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